DPC Financial Management

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A clear view of your finances

Gain clear and detailed insight into your finances. Our comprehensive Financial Management service ensures you can make proactive decisions that enhance your financial wellbeing – giving you peace of mind when it comes to both your business and your personal finances. 

What is DPC Financial Management?

DPC Financial Management Limited is a joint venture between DPC and IronMarket. It has been established to provide a FCA regulated financial management service to allow you to plan and manage your finances proactively. To protect and enhance your financial assets and to plan long term for your family and business protection.


How can DPC Financial Management Support you?

DPC Financial Management can help you protect and grow your business, ensure financial security and protection of your hard work for your family as well as implement strategies to maximise your retirement;

  • Commercial insurance solutions tailored to you, so all risks are considered and covered. Including Fleet insurance, commercial property insurance and director & office liability to name a few.
  • Best in class asset management to suit your business needs for future growth and success,
  • Highlighting the tax advantages of your pension, to help your business grow, including the benefits of purchasing property through your pension scheme, calculating how much you can pay into your pension and making the most of your annual allowances.
  • Ensuring your family are financially secure and can maintain their lifestyle in the event you become ill or die and make certain that the value of your business is passed on to your family, as tax-efficiently as possible.
  • Maximising the sale value of your business, while reducing the capital gains tax you pay, to ensure you benefit from as much of the sale proceeds as possible.

Contact us to discuss your unique financial positioning – and how we can support you.

Why we’ve added Financial Management to our service portfolio

With an understanding that business owners often overlook the potential of their finances, we wanted to provide a service that maximised our clients’ financial situation. Our clients’ financial wellbeing is central to our existing services. So, DPC Financial Management complements this by giving clients even clearer insight into their finances, for better peace of mind.


Confidence knowing IronMarket are 5-star VouchedFor financial advisers

IronMarket is authorised by the appropriate governing body and is rated and reviewed as providing the most dependable advice. As an industry leader, IronMarket gives you maximum confidence through their high level of expertise – and DPC is proud to work in association with them.


We know you’ll get the client experience you deserve

The latest technology, combined with specialist knowledge gives you consistent peace of mind. IronMarket has developed bespoke systems that allow you to update your details to see real-time investment insights, organise video chats, and book meetings. Overall, technology gives you control and transparency – while in the safe hands of finance experts.


Speak to us about managing your finances

Ultimately, our aim is to help our clients better manage their finances for enhanced wealth and overall financial wellbeing. If you think you could benefit from this service, please get in touch via email at hello@dpcfm.co.uk or call us on 01782 956999.

DPC Financial Management Limited is an appointed representative of Ironmarket Limited, which is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA no 620330). Ironmarket Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number 08411874, DPC Financial Management Limited is registered in England and Wales, company number 11418037.

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