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British businesses are adapting to life under lockdown!

Some businesses will prosper during the Pandemic (e.g. those that are already online), and some will need to repurpose or “pivot” into new areas. Others will need to hibernate and regrettably some will not survive the Pandemic. Last week we talked about “Cocooning a business” and this week we focus on “pivoting or repurposing”, we have written a paper on this please follow the links if you wish to download.

This means thinking about selling or providing goods or services in a new way. Is it possible?

Yes it is! We have seen several of our clients and other local restaurants doing take-aways or delivering to doorsteps.

We heard about a sports clothing manufacturer now making protective clothing for carers. One engineering company has started using their 3D printers to make PPE. Some fashion suppliers such as Next, have reopened selling online after improving social distancing in their distribution centres.

Most UK supermarkets are prioritising deliveries for vulnerable and elderly shoppers during lockdown and they intend to continue offering this service when the lock down ends.

The good news is British Businesses are adapting and changing to recognise things must be done in new ways and that new thinking is needed.

So, if you are looking for new opportunities and new ways of doing things with your business talk to us. We are helping many clients plan to do things differently.

We can use our One Page Plan Programme to understand your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and to help you repurpose or pivot your business so you can come out of this Pandemic with new purpose and hope.


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