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DPC take to the skies for The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice

In late 2016 myself and the fellow client managers, Nick Wright, Kelsy Cheadle, Steph Smith and an associate director at DPC, Michelle Coates decided we would like to take part in a challenge to generate funds for a local charity, The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice. This is a charity we all felt passionate about and one that was close to hearts.

After liaising with the fund-raising manager at the hospice, Nikki, the decision was made to take part in the ‘Super Hero Skydive event’. It was agreed that this would take place in May 2017 at Whitchurch Airfield.


DPC Skydivers in the air
DPC Skydivers in the air


The team taking part and fellow DPC staff participated in various fundraising events before the big event including; numerous bake sales, ‘none uniform days’ and even a DPC staff football match (sadly I was on the losing team). The fundraising events were all fun but more importantly raised funds for the charity.

The big day was here and the team nervously arrived at the venue. Unfortunately, the weather was up and down and after a long day it was decided that for safety reasons the Skydive would be postponed.

At the second attempt in June 2017 the jump was given the green light. The team were all prepped and then made the nail biting climb to xxxxx feet. Then came the big moment, we all made the breath-taking jump from the plane and all waited nervously for the guy on our back to open the parachute! Words cannot describe the feeling falling through the sky, amazing, however we were all glad to touch down on the ground safely.


After the skydive
Back on safe ground.


We all agreed the jump was very much a once in a life time experience. The donations and support were both over whelming and greatly appreciated, more importantly we managed to raise £xxxx for the charity.

Looking forward to the next fundraising event, fingers crossed will hopefully keep my feet firmly on the ground for the next one!


Mark Harvey



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