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Contract Cancellations and Refunds Due to Coronavirus

There are a wide range of contracts that have been affected due to the pandemic.

The statement outlined below replaces what was published by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on 30 April 2020. The CMA’s view remains that a consumer will generally be entitled to a refund when they have paid money in advance for services or goods that cannot be provided because of the coronavirus pandemic.


As the circumstances and public health measures relating to the pandemic have developed over time, CMA have updated the statement to cover additional issues. This now covers contracts that cannot go ahead due to lockdown laws, limited exceptions to full refunds, ongoing contracts, non-refundable payments and fees, credits and rebooking and payments for future services.


It also outlines contracts that are partially affected by lockdown laws, changing terms in existing contracts during the pandemic, terms in new contracts which relate to the coronavirus and cancellation relating to Government guidance and cancellation under the standard terms and conditions of a contract.


This does sound a heavy read! but it is important you are aware the guidance exists and the relationship between businesses and customers. If you have any issues with contracts entered into and

need expert advice please talk to us or a solicitor to help.

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